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REX Tube is a simple attempt to share what happens at REX LIVE with the world. Under the moniker "Ideas for Action” all talks shall be released online. They shall reach a global audience in the millions with the goal of giving everyone online access to the world's most inspiring voices. (all sponsors shall also get huge branding on REX Tube and the idea is to generate a traffic of at least 10 million people every year to view REX Tube)
REXConclive 2008: Dr. Karthikeyan, ex-CBI Director, speaks about UN Fight against Corruption
The United Nations has recognized the global scourge of corruption and its disruptive effect on the global society. Dr. Karthikeyan, ex-CBI director, speaks about the need to sensitize India against corruption and how the collaboration with the UN would benefit the anti-corruption war.

REXConclive 2008: Gregory Roberts, writer of Shantaram, speaks about solutions to Indian corruption menace
Corruption has become the scourge of the Indian society. It has become the root cause of all the social evils in a country. Gregory Roberts is an Australian author well known for his novel, Shantaram. In this short video, he talks about the corruption in the country and the measures to be adopted to combat it.

REXConclive 2008:James M Lyngdoh, ex CEC of India, speaks about the importance of micro finance
Microfinance facility helps the rural poor manage their savings and grow their earnings. It assumes significance in developing countries like India. Mr. James M Lyngdoh is the ex-Chief Election Commissioner of India. He is well-known for his integrity and steadfastness.

REXConclive 2007: Meera Sanyal & Dilip Thakore talk about Corporate and Corporate Social Responsibility
With the integration of globalization in the Indian economy, CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility has assumed prime importance in the Indian industry. In this video, renowned banker and politician Meera Sanyal and Dilip Thakore, founder editor of Business India, speaks about the interlinking of LPG (Liberalization, privatization, globalization) and CSR.

REXConclive 2007: L M Singhvi and Arun Maira discusses about the RIGHT every WRONG moment
The RIGHT every WRONG movement focuses on social justice and revolution against corruption in India. L M Singhvi, Padma Bhushan Awardee, and Arun Maira, member of the Planning Commission of India, use the REX platform to speak against the numerous wrong in the Indian Society and the steps that can be taken to right it.
Learn the story behind the Karmaveer Puraskaar initiative
Get prepared to be motivated and be the change you want to see in the world. Catch a quick glimpse of Mr. Jeroninio Almeida talking about the motive and drive behind the Karmaveer Puraskaar initiative at the iCONGO (Congregation of NGOs) on NDTV. Rex -- Ideas for Action is a nonprofit mission dedicated to sharing ideas that encourage proactive action.

Performance by Ability Unlimited at the 5th Karmaveer Puraskaar
Watch this scintillating performance by Ability Unlimited at the Global Award for Social Justice & Citizen Action in 2010. This incredible enactment displayed at the 5th Karmaveer Puraskaar teaches you to turn your dreams into reality and keep all your resources, efforts and concentration channeled into one aligned direction to resurrect as untouched and undefeated individuals!

Right Every Wrong Song performance by Baby Benzy & Diwakar at iCONGO
As quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, "Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will." This video will leave you amazed as to how no disability can stop you from achieving success and beyond. In spite of the darkness in their eyes, watch the light emerge from their vocal chords in this astounding performance by Baby Benzy & Diwakar.

Performance by the children from Ek Tara foundation at the 6th Karmaveer Puraskaar
There can be no intense apocalypse of a society than the way it treats its children. More than often we tend to worry about what materialistic privilege we don't have, whereas, there are so many others that crave for mere inner peace and soul connect. Watch these beautiful children from the Ek Tara foundation perform on a soundtrack that binds us together as one country at the 6th Karmaveer Puraskaar summit!

Qawwali performance by Saqlain Nizami & Group at the 6th Karmaveer Puraskaar
There is no better way of putting across a heartfelt message than through the art of music. Lose yourself in this social cause promoting and moving Qawwali performance by Saqlain Nizami & Group. Indeed an act you wouldn't want to miss!

Steve Jobs talks about the secret to his success at Stanford.
Steve Jobs is globally known for his revolutionary Apple Company. In this video, given at Stanford graduation class, Steve discuses his phases of life in the form of three short stories. The first story is about connecting the dots, the second is about love and loss and final story is about Death. Enjoy this video and get inspired.

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address – An inspiring speech that redefined the American Civil War
Gettysburg is the ground where the ideals of equality for all men were realized at great human cost. Abraham Lincoln, the great American President, gave this inspiring speech to commemorate the fallen soldiers who gave the ultimate price for victory, freedom and equality.